2023/2024 Anglický jazyk - STÁŽ

The test contains 30 tasks (e.g.  multiple choice tasks 6x, grammar tasks 5x, matching - dragging the correct options into the text 4x, true/false exercise 4x, word formation tasks 8x, filling-in 2x and one reading task). Total time for the test is 50 minutes. The tasks are arranged in sequence order. It is not possible to return back to the previous answers and correct them or change them once they were completed. After 50 minutes, the programme will close the test. All your answers are sent to server continuously, nothing gets lost. Pay attention to proper spelling when typing your answers. In case of more answers in one question, use a comma after each word, e.g. ssss, eee, ggg  (without any dot at the end). Be careful about the spelling of each word. The results of the test will not appear immediately at its end because each test will be checked also by the teacher mechanically. 

Take a piece of paper and a pencil to make your own notes during solving some tasks.